Nail Polish: The New Handbags

Yeah, nail polish. That stuff you used to pick up at the drugstore while buying a birthday card and tampons. What used to come in shades of pink, another pink, red and clear is now offered in hues that were never on my preschool flashcards. Ones like Butter London's "No More Waity, Katie," a shimmery purple made in celebration of the Royal Wedding, and OPI's "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window," an olive green that, thanks to the name, evokes memories of road-trip vomit.

Style blogs now feature snapshots of celebrity toes. Top fashion designers are launching their own signature shades. But you know how I truly know nail polish is the new handbag? There's even a collection inspired by handbags! (Essie's "Carry On"—it's super cute.)

Wanna stay on the tip of nail polish trends? (Har, har. Just a little nail humor for ya.) Here are several new collections to get your fingers on. 

Spider-Man by OPI
With great power comes great nails. To tie in with the summer flick The Amazing Spider-Man, OPI is releasing a dark and moody collection with shades such as "Into the Night," an iridescent navy; "Number One Nemesis," a sultry slate; "Just Spotted the Lizard," a reptile-inspired holographic green; and "Shatter the Scales," a shimmering green shatter that creates a totally appropriate web-like effect. $8.50 each, out in May.

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Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen
To accompany his 2012 fall collection, the designer is teaming up with the drugstore brand to release a limited-edition trio of pretty, muted shades—"Pumice," a diluted mint green, "Ion," a super-soft grey, and Bandage, a creamy nude. $7.99 each, out in the fall.   


Betsey Johnson for Sephora by OPI
As with anything the wild woman touches, this collection is bold, punchy and fun. Shades include "Sparkling Personality, a silver glitter, "Alley Cat," an '80s-style fuchsia, and "It's My Pink!," a neon pink infused with Betsey's Too Too fragrance. $9.50 each, out now. 


Dark Shadows by Orly
Inspired by the new Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp, Orly is releasing a limited-edition collection with colors named after major themes in the dark comedy. The standouts: "Buried Alive" is a copper-brown shimmer and "Grave Mistake" is a macabre red. $8.50 each, out in May.


Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen's collaboration with the Singapore-born designer includes four colors, and they're all stunners. I'm dying to try "Gilded Lily," a gold-flecked shimmer. $7.99 each, out this fall.


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This column appeared in print as "Nail Your Polish: Nail polish is the new handbag."

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