Murals Under the Stars

Celebrate both Mexico’s independence and its revolution in this year’s bigger than life multi-media art event held under the stars at the Museum of Latin American Art. And be reminded of the power of murals, to inspire and to piss off (think Prescott, AZ, where the nativist locals went a little loco). El Professor Gregorio Luke, people’s lecturer, presents his popular history of Mexico’s singular mural movement on a wall as big as your casa using a high-tech projector that makes you believe you’re in Mexico City’s Palacio Nacional. Famous for his fun, thoughtful take-aparts of Frida Kahlo, scholar and cultural ambassador Luke picks up his microphone, aims a laser pointer, and waxes inspiringly on Rivera, Orozco, Siquerios, Tamayo and the work of dozens of muralists representative of this enduring revolutionary art form. Viva Mexico! Viva la muralismo!
Sun., July 25, 7 p.m., 2010


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