Munch 150

When Edvard Munch created his Scream of Nature series, four paintings of "The Scream" in different mediums, he probably had no idea that he'd change the face (so to speak) of modern art. What appears to be a figure in agony in front of a landscape is one of the trippiest and most iconic works of all time; but few people know much about Munch's other art, amazing on its own and equally worthy of attention. To commemorate his 150th birthday, the National Museum and Munch Museum in Oslo hosts an exhibition of 220 of Munch’s works, behind-the-scenes footage of the exhibit’s installation, as well as insight on Munch’s life for a film called Munch 150. Can’t make it to Oslo that day? Bowers Museum hosts a screening for local art fanatics this afternoon.
Fri., Dec. 27, 1:30 p.m., 2013


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