Mo' Movember!

Alex Pham

I was never a complete fan of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Educating Americans about the deadly disease = good. Doing so by selling pink KFC buckets filled with possibly carcinogenic chicken = whyyyy?!) But for some reason, I can get behind Movember. It's the month when men around the world pledge to grow mustaches to raise awareness of men's health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancers. (Find out more at By now, typically clean-shaven participants should already be seeing some sprouts manifesting waywardly on their upper lips. Ladies, give it some time. Soon, your man will resemble a young Tom Selleck, his voluminous 'stache glimmering in the sun. Or not. Whatever. It's for a good cause, and he can shave it all off come Dec. 1, long before he has to meet your relatives for the holidays.

For some hair-spiration, here are four local men who proudly sport the 'stache. 


: 29
City: Santa Ana
Occupation: Works for a lending company; applying for dental school
Length of grow-out: Two years
Greatest thing about my mustache: "Free burritos when I go to Mexican restaurants." 

*     *     *

: 20
City: Huntington Beach
Occupation: Studying creative writing at Cal State Long Beach
Length of grow-out: "It's been an off-and-on relationship for about three years."
Greatest thing about my mustache: "Sex appeal."

*     *     *

: 28
City: Huntington Beach
Occupation: Construction
Length of grow-out: Can't remember. "I've had it for 10 years."
Greatest thing about my mustache: "Asians can't really grow much facial hair, so this is the best you can get."

*     *     *

: 24
City: Irvine
Occupation: Studying real estate
Length of grow-out: Two weeks
Greatest thing about my mustache: "People like you who give me attention. And it's so manly." 


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