Minus the Bear

The Glass House gets all proggy this Tuesday night with the arrival of Seattle's Minus the Bear. Though still on good terms with Dangerbird Records, the group is enjoying the DIY-attitude of releasing their 2013 album, Acoustics II, on their own label, Tigre Blanco. Returning to the roots of 2008's Acoustics album, this new project is an unplugged collection of eight old songs and two new ones, resulting in an assemblage of lullabies suitable for the next generation of the indie prog set, asleep in their flannel onesies. Perhaps it's the influence of several band members now having children. And what does Minus the Bear's future hold? Not even the band themselves can answer—and they're enjoying that newfound freedom. Catch them this week—there's no telling when they'll be back.
Tue., Sept. 24, 7 p.m., 2013


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