Half a lifetime ago and half a world away, it was a defining moment. On our tinny li'l radio were Jamaican keyboard king Jackie Mittoo and his Soul Brothers with "Last Train to Skaville." Chugging beat, soaring and wobbly horns, actual steam trains and an atmospheric vocal...total fuckin' magic! All these years later, whatever the label—rocksteady, mento, dancehall, dub, stoned calypso, jungle fever, drum and bass, reggae—there's one constant: we still wanna get our ass out of the chair and shake it. From St. Croix in the beautiful Virgin Islands, electrifying reggae band Midnite gives you a compelling reason to do your "Deion-in-the-end-zone" impersonation. Be there...or be square.
Thu., March 28, 8 p.m., 2013


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