Over the past ten years, Scandinavia has had a knack for yielding musically bold bands. Specifically, it has produced groups with an uncanny ability to alchemize something unique while drawing from the same creative cistern that iconic US and Brit bands have dredged before them. Case in point: Iceland’s Sigur Ros may not have been the first band to bow their guitars, but they were probably the first to do it while singing gibberish in spectral, androgynous tones. Now, wrought from the national loins of Denmark, we have Mew. This is a band that treads the line between unbridled experimentation and dream pop, somehow managing to produce a focused product—and in English no less! Switching between bouncy synth tones and sweeping textural soundscapes, Mew pulls off a sound that is ethereal, uplifting and, when they want, haunting.
Mon., Sept. 7, 8 p.m., 2009


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