Metales M5

The best thing to come out of Mexico since tequila? Personally, we consider that to be the delectable Salma Hayek—equally intoxicating, equally heady and equally likely, one hopes, to lead one astray. (And, yes, chance would be a fine thing.) Hailed lately in that category, however, are a rip-roaring, ultra-zany quintet of two trumpets, a tuba, trombone and French horn, who sport a hilarious variety of wardrobe changes and audience-involving antics while knocking the socks off everything from film scores to opera, contemporary repertoire to world music, Bach to the back roads of Michoacan. They’ve wowed from Colorado to Canada, Nebraska to Florida, Omaha to LA. Metales M5 are a lot of fun. (We’re betting the same goes for Salma.)
Sat., Nov. 26, 7 p.m., 2011


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