Men Alive: Von Trapped!

Always out to debunk damaging and tired gay stereotypes, the OC Gay Men’s Chorus, also known as Men Alive, presents “A tribute to The Sound of Music—our way.” Now, the chronicle of the Von Trapp family adventures, as we’ve noted in previous picks, is pretty darn gay already (evil baronesses, virginal nuns, kids wearing curtains) so it’ll be interesting to see just how froo-froo this is going to get. Here’s hoping for some crafty, unruly lesbian nuns, which, come to think of it, is par for the course, and at the very least, lots of yummy soldiers—albeit the icky-Nazi kind. Just keep your eyes peeled for glittery lederhosen and be wary of any close-proximity goose-stepping.
Fri., July 20; Sat., July 21, 2012


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