Melt Banana

The band most typically associated with “noise rock” is Sonic Youth, but they’re “yacht rock” compared to Japan’s Melt-Banana, who have been specializing in full-on sonic floggings for nearly two decades. Don’t worry too much about getting lost in translation—lead singer Yasuko Onuki’s frenzied vocals (if you can understand them) are actually in English, which might explain why Melt-Banana is more popular stateside and in the UK than they are in their native country. What really makes their unrestrained musical chaos work is guitar whiz Ichirou Agata, utilizing a host of far-out guitar effects and providing endless energy on stage. Readings this, you’re probably thinking “this is one of those bands I have to see live!” Well, go for it.
Tue., Dec. 15, 7 p.m., 2009


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