MASH Up Your Wardrobe

If only we could take a trip back to childhood. Who wouldn't want to transport to a time when your biggest worry was that you'd somehow end up living in a shack married to Screech from Saved By the Bell, all because your latest game of MASH said so? While we can't take a DeLorean to the past (yet), we can feel like we're 10 again with these fun, nostalgic accessories, upgraded for grown-ups with style.


For generations, girls have made friendship bracelets for each other as a symbol of a sacred bond that lasts forever—or at least until the raggedy thing crumbles off in the shower. The blinged-up versions by Gypsies & Debutantes are so eye-catching and intricate, you'll tell your BFF to get her own. At; $48.

As kids, these colorful stick-ons were our first introduction to feeling like a badass. Tattly has made them cool again by handpicking graphic artists and illustrators to come up with designs. Needle-fearing, commitment-phobic adults are thankful. At; $5 for a set of two.

No look was ever complete without one or eight scrunchies in your hair. The '80s accessory is supposedly surging back into fashion. (Really.) This gold-lamé style could work with a pretty, low braid. At American Apparel; $6. 

Remember how awesome it was to own one of these? It could hold your lip-gloss and Tiger Beat magazine while leaving you with two free hands to crimp your hair. We thought they were gone forever, but surprise! They're back! The latest incarnations are superchic. At Urban Outfitters; $39.

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