Marge Simpson Makeup!Marge Simpsons Makeup!

One of the perks for Comic-Con ladies this year was the chance to buy MAC's newest makeup line before it hits stores. Attendees took a break from standing in line at the San Diego Convention Center this past Saturday . . . to stand in a different line in downtown San Diego. It's something we might roll our eyes at, except MAC's newest collection is a celebration of The Simpsons' 25th anniversary and an homage to the one and only Marge Simpson.

There aren't too many inventive things about the line that separate it from any other makeup release, but who cares? It's Marge! In makeup form! The 10 items include eye shadow, lipglass (pretty much the same thing as lipgloss) and one blush. The eye shadows feature all of the cartoon mama's colors: light pink, purple, black and Marge-hair blue. The pink blush is even the same shade we've seen her sporting when she and Homer go out on the town.

The best part of the collection is the fake eyelashes; short of donning a push-pop-shaped Afro (although the models at Comic-Con did do this, and it was awesome!), it's the subtlest way to tip your hat to "Midge." No, it's not just four lashes. but rather a full set with thick bunches that pull off Marge's look.

Most items are under $20, but the eye shadow will run you $44. And everything comes in packaging we just love: a close-up of Marge's head with her eyes peering out over the case.

Those of us who didn't drive to San Diego can purchase The Simpsons collection sometime in the first week of September—line-free!


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