Marc Jacobs' Mixed Makeup Bag

Thank sweet baby Jesus for Sephora. How else could you decide if designer makeup is worth your paycheck? Especially now, with the release of Marc Jacobs' beauty line. The legendary designer found smashing success with fragrances, but his makeup collection is a mixed bag.

Everything comes in sleek, black containers with silver accents. The eye shadows are in combinations of three or seven and have a mirror that spans the length of the compact. The latter size comes in at $59, and while the consistency is smooth, they're colors you could get anywhere.

The nail polishes are inconspicuous, especially with such basic colors and an $18 price tag. The eyeliner, though, may work too well. Jacobs promotes it as the "first-ever" waterproof gel pencil—but even makeup remover is worthless at removing it, so maybe plan to wear it for a few days? It's more impressive than the concealer, which comes in a tube that releases the liquid with the touch of a chrome button, but it does little for blemishes. Meh.

A couple of the products are worthy of the Marc Jacobs name, though. The face powder is velvety, easy to blend and takes away redness, smoothing out fine lines without making your face look cakey. And it'll stay put all night. The next best is the lipstick. Jacobs calls it "lip gel": Instead of coating your lips and everything it touches in a crayon paste, it's light and iridescent, which ends up complementing your natural lip color instead of just covering it up. The mascara doesn't smudge whatsoever, even while you're asleep, and it doesn't bleed when you finally wash your face. The designer's sorcery turns it into little flakes that clump off and wash away clean.

Jacobs' line is a tad cheaper than those of his counterparts, such as Dior, but its products have a fresher feeling and are easier to manipulate and blend. If he'd just fix that tattoo-like gel pencil and concealer, he'd keep up with his flawless reputation.

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