Los Lobos

From early punk label Slash Records to doing an album of all Disney covers—it’d be great if that was Darby Crash’s career arc, but it works strangely well for Los Lobos, who can feed just about anything through their band and have it come out sounding like their own. The gentle family vibe works for them—their Rango theme song is a idiosyncratic spaghetti-western tune that’s closer to Tarantino’s aesthetic than Pixar’s—but it’s back to the guts and the heart of things on their latest album Tin Can Trust, which delivers a particularly able blending of blues, noir, soul, cumbia and even garage rock, fitting for a record put to tape in storied engineer Manny Nieto’s (Circle Jerks, Mars Volta, 400 Blows) new eStudio. The wolf survives yet!
Thu., Dec. 1, 8 p.m., 2011


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