Lady Punk Night with The Stops

Have you ever felt that punk shows are dripping with way too much machismo? Maybe you’re over studded leather belts used as weapons. Well, Mass Media Records has the cure to break the monotony of masculinity imposed upon punk. Introducing Lady Punk Night with the Stops, an all-girl band imported from Portland. In the fall, the Stops' EP releases from Residue Records and, with echoes of Pennywise and vocals reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, they’re a band destined for big things. This Sunday, the Stops head to Mass Media Records for an in-store concert to showcase their brand of hard-driving punk. With electric guitars buzzing and drums shaking like metal cages, they manage to bring intensity to your ear palate without making you feel like reeking havoc. And according to Mass Media Record’s website, only peace punks are allowed.
Sun., Sept. 9, 7 p.m., 2012


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