L.A. Guns

The battle of the L.A. Guns' has been raging for quite some time now. While the original lineup formed in 1983, they disbanded a few years later following a merger with another band to create the first incarnation of Guns N' Roses (rad, right?). Then L.A. Guns reformed, this person left, that person stepped in, this original founding member started his own band with the same name and there we have it. This week, one version of the band performs under the opposing headline "The Triumphant Return of the Real L.A. Guns." This lineup features early members Phil Lewis And Steve Riley—but either way, attendees are in for a night of raunchy, dirty hard rock wrapped in black leather. We think both bands should just form one big hair metal supergroup.
Sun., Sept. 4, 8 p.m., 2011


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