Johnny Clayworks, Art de Karla and Other Artists Bring Ceramic Pottery Into the Modern Age
Courtesy of Johhny Clayworks

Johnny Clayworks, Art de Karla and Other Artists Bring Ceramic Pottery Into the Modern Age

I've been on a real ceramics kick lately and have scored some gorgeous pottery to store plants, sit as decoration, or carry gorgeous designs. (Wo)mankind has practiced and purchased the glazed, rotund art form for centuries, but the past few years more artists have appeared on my radar with their splendid, forward-thinking creations. If you want something different to beautify your living space, check out these locals making the best bowls, sculptures and pots in the game!

Art de Karla: Jalisco-born, Long Beach-based Karla Camacho ( paints riveting landscapes, shapes, plants and even Frida Kahlo onto her covetable, handmade mugs, vases, bowls and other objects. Unsurprisingly, the Frida cups are her fastest-selling items.

Johnny Clayworks: No two bowls by Cypress-based potter John Lawrence ( look alike. Each of Lawrence's products—including ice cream bowls, planters, succulent pots and cups—has a beautiful texture and dark color tone. They beautifully add a touch of class and boldness!

Kristina Bing: Pasadena's Bing transforms monotone terra-cotta planters into stunning art with her stylish, colorful shape designs. You can purchase them in stores in Long Beach and Los Angeles, including Peacock & Co. (440 E. First St., Long Beach; Or contact Bing via her Instagram ( to buy online.

Seth Bogart: Hunx and His Punx front man Bogart now makes gloriously colorful art and clothing with hand-scribbled logos and drawings. His kooky aesthetic extends to ceramic sculptures of toothpaste, perfume bottles, hands, teeth, soda cans, cigarettes and food. Check out his work via his website (; you'll also find them available for purchase at LA-based Ooga Booga (943 N. Broadway, Ste. 203, Los Angeles, 213-617-1105;

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