John Pinette

John Pinette is one of the most unoffensive, disarming, adorable comics working the standup scene today. Just ask the ladies of The View, who were delighted when Pinette graced their stage and, for five entire minutes, made the show watchable. Most of his schtick is in reference to his husky size (see titles of his comedy albums: Show Me the Buffet, Making Lite of Myself and Still Hungry), but Pinette's sweetly self-mocking humor is anything but trite. And his opinions about camping or the self check-out lane at the grocery store? Spot on if you ask us. Catch his act this week as Pinette stops by the Irvine Improv—and treat yourself to an evening of good, solid belly laughs.
Thu., March 14, 8 p.m., 2013


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