Jefferson Starship

It seems almost impossible that some of the same people involved with producing the eerie psych rock classic “White Rabbit” could be responsible for “We Built This City” nearly two decades later, named by Blender magazine as the “No. 1 Worst Song Ever.” But that’s typical of the byzantine tale of Jefferson Airplane, and their many subsequent incarnations and member changes over the past 45 years. Now re-settled as Jefferson Starship and with original member Paul Kantner in tow—who had nothing to do with “We Built This City,” by the way—the band continues to tour with new members and old, including fellow former Jefferson Airplane member, bassist David Freiberg. They even released a new album last year (who knew?) with the patriotic title Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty.
Thu., April 29, 8:30 p.m., 2010


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