Jack's 5th Show

Radio may be dying, but stations that imitate an iPod on shuffle are hanging on for now. The dozens of Jack FM stations all around the nation are distinguished by playing a relatively diverse, hostless mix of rock music from the ‘60s through the ‘90s. Jack’s 5th Show (their actual fifth concert, not just a clever name) is like a little slice of that was cut off and grew into a full day of live music, with appearances from Jack 93.1 FM all-stars Steve Miller Band, The Cult, The Fixx, Night Ranger, Skid Row, Modern English and Sweet. It’s pretty much the most unabashedly random lineup of the year—hair metal mixed with ‘60s bluesy rocked mixed with the guys that sang “Ballroom Blitz”—but that appears to be what the audience wants.
Sat., Sept. 18, 2 p.m., 2010


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