Jack White

Rock's eccentric guitar-king, the fascinatingly bizarre Jack White can, at this point, release an album of polka music using only instruments bought at the dollar store, and the world would love it. His latest venture, a solo album titled Lazaretto, came out this week. And unlike some of his other super-powered quick recording sessions (like the whole week it took to make White Blood Cells), White took his sweet, sweet time with this one, working on the record over a few years while simultaneously playing in like eighteen other bands. Our favorite track on Lazaretto is the twangy blues ditty "Just One Drink," while the album's title song is upbeat funk personified. Not enough? It's just been announced at the Cold War Kids will open at the Fox Pomona show. Is there such a thing as White Fever? We might have it.
Thu., June 12, 8:30 p.m., 2014


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