Itty Bitty Bra Is a Small Wonder

If you’ve got not-so-big boobs, you’ve probably heard the term “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” your entire life. You supposedly don’t fit the female ideal: curvaceous (but by no means overweight—good God, no), natural, full-figured, etc. And unless you’re some kind of scary-skinny, 6-foot-tall runway model, most guys made fun of you. Even women ridiculed you.

And in Orange County, where you can conveniently find an assortment of plastic surgeons specializing in Brazilian butt-lifts or back scoops in your local free (and fabulous!) alt-weekly, wouldn’t it be nice to come across a company that isn’t pushing that Victoria’s Secret ideal on you?

Well, Itty Bitty Bra is here for you. The Irvine-based company specializes in a wide range of intimate apparel in what some may consider barely there sizes.

Itty Bitty Bra is focused on bringing women with C cups or smaller a bra that was made to fit their unique body type. While there seems to be no end to complaints in women’s publications and talk shows about larger-chested women not being able to find “pretty” bras, when’s the last time females on the other end of the spectrum were addressed? And on that note, when’s the last time you even spotted a AA-size bra in the intimates section?

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According to Jane Alden Hodgdon, Itty Bitty president and CEO, the line is focused on providing support, style and comfort, concentrating on those with AA-, A- and B-cup sizes. They offer anything from your quintessential strapless bra in nude and black to a lightly padded leopard-print bra. It also must be noted that Itty Bitty is there not only for small-chested gals, but the company also embraces the body type—you won’t find any enormous, padded, push-up bras here.

Itty Bitty Bra items can be found at Hannah Bean in Santa Ana (111 City Place Dr., 714-835-7371; and Sydney Michelle on Balboa Island (307 Marine Ave., 949-673-2150;, but they’ve also got an online storefront at Bras range from $22 to $62.50. Plus, there are coordinating panties ($10-$16) and camisoles ($48.50-$55).

Also cool: In addition to all the intimate wear, the website sells Footzyrolls—pliable, rolled-up, walkable ballet flats that come in a handy pouch ($25-$30). The idea? Stick them in your clutch or purse before heading out for the night, and when your feet can no longer take those high heels, switch into your handy Footzyrolls. It’s an idea a handful companies, from Rollasoles to Dr. Scholl’s, are now offering, with even vending machines hawking the flats popping up in nightclubs around the world.

This column appeared in print as "Small Wonders."

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