'Human Hostilities' Opening Reception

Hibbleton Gallery is one of Fullerton’s notable little artspaces, winning Best Gallery from this very paper a few years back and hosting the epochal Ed Colver dada-punk retrospective in 2010. This week they host the "Human Hostilities" exhibit with three new-ish, local-ish artists, each exploring human identity and human form through different media—photos by Carly Cram, who sometimes likes an Eggleston-ian super-saturation of color in her work, and prints and drawings by Hannah Diaz and Meng Meng Liu. From the promo images, it looks like you’ll hit the unexplored space between ukiyo-e and Tank Girl—or “themes of violence, vulnerability and endurance,” as Hibbleton puts it.
Fri., April 6, 6 p.m., 2012


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