Honey Cocaine

Tough as nails with a mouth full of silver and a bullet wound to the arm, this tiny Cambodian spitfire from Canada might only be 20, but she's got the confidence and skill of an artist ten years older. (After she was shot by someone firing at rapper Tyga's van, she replied to a reporter, "I'm cool.") Miss Cocaine flaunts an impressive flow on Tyga's "Heisman" single and smokes on her own solo work—she holds the title as first artist ever signed to the Last Kings label. She's boisterous, kinda intimidating, surprisingly insightful and a loud-spoken activist for the whole don't-let-them-get-you-down platform. We think she's enthralling but some cranky, ugly people out there disagree and voice vicious opinions online. But in this game, it's a right of passage.
Tue., Nov. 20, 8 p.m., 2012


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