Hindu Pirates

More big changes from Hindu Pirates, who seem like they’ve left behind the world of garage—even a garage can only hold so much stuff—and disciplined themselves into the kind of beautifully noisy guitar-pop band that generally comes from Britain or one of her colonies. (Guess that’s America, too, though.) “She Blows Me Away” has one of those melodies you can’t quite place (but it’s probably got an ancestor in the C-for-Creation section of your record collection) and a nice surprise when the guitar leads twist into each other at the end, and “Like I’m Sinkin’” is a slow-mo nod-along that shows just how much these guys are learning in the little-means-a-lot school of production. If Pangea’s signed to Harvest—former home of Syd Barrett and Wire—then surely Hindu Pirates will get a place there next.
Mon., Feb. 3, 8 p.m., 2014


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