While no one seems to have the means for lavish vacations and holidays anymore, it seems that we, as a whole, have gotten to rediscover the simple pleasures in life. We’ve gotten back to the basics. Cooking at home has replaced expensive restaurants, shopping sprees have been nearly eliminated and we’ve rediscovered something else as well...the outdoors can be enjoyed. Without a powerboat. Hiking can increase your cardio endurance, burn fat, build muscle—all without a pricey trainer. And think of all that fresh air! Laguna Beach, of all places, is rife with free hiking trails that take you along the beach or up into the canyons and hills. Anywhere from a mile to several, finding a hike that matches your fitness level is easy. El Moro Canyon is a favorite, and it’s safe for beginners with multiple trail options. The “Short Loop” is about two miles and winds through the canyon, allowing hikers to enjoy ocean breezes, ocean views, wild flowers and all that Mother Nature has to offer.
Mon., June 8, 6 a.m., 2009


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