Hey, Nice Nails! Now!
Taylor Hamby

Hey, Nice Nails! Now!

It all started with a Tumblr.

Sisters Donne and Ginny Geer of Seal Beach took their shared passion for the world of nail art and started "Hey, Nice Nails!" As their nails grew, so did their Tumblr following. They couldn't find a salon that would hire both of them to work at the same time, so they decided to open their own.

At their cute, upbeat Long Beach storefront, the Geers specialize in showstoppers: gel-fill nails in several rainbows' worth of glitter, and cute designs of anything imaginable (Union Jacks, vampire teeth, green slime—think of it, and they'll do it). They've even signed a book deal. Due in May, it'll include tutorials on more than 50 nail-art designs and techniques, as well as proper nail care. The sisters were kind enough to give the Weekly a sneak peek with this super-easy leopard tutorial.

You'll need: three nail polish colors (one base color, one color for the spots and one black); an ultra-thin watercolor brush; a base coat (suggested: Orly Bonder); a top coat (suggested: Seche Vite); a small eyeshadow brush; a small tin foil square; and a small cup of acetate.

1. Make sure your nails are filed and clean. Apply the clear base coat, then your base color. Add a second coat if needed. Tip: If you get excess polish on your skin, dip an eyeshadow brush in acetate and apply it to the rogue polish—nix the cotton ball.

2. Place a small amount of the color you want for the leopard spots on a tinfoil square. Take the ultra-thin watercolor brush and dab it in the polish, then apply uneven dots randomly around your nails. Go wild. Clean your brush.

3. Put a small amount of the black polish on the tinfoil square, then apply it with the brush in uneven lines around your spots. Make sure the lines hug the spots and don't connect all the way.

4. Fill in the design with random pinpoint black dots between the spots.

5. Even out the texture by applying the clear top coat.

Click here to see a photo tutorial for leopard nail art!


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