Heavy Water Experiments

LA’s Heavy Water Experiments like to think of themselves as “Pink Sabbath”—or at least talk about the idea a lot in interviews—and certainly the idea of Syd and Iommi in perfect cosmic union is a nice one. But (with the exception of “Octavian,” which sounds like Sam Gopal, the Lemmy Kilmeister band no one remembers) this is more like Pearl Floyd. There are psych overtones of varying intensity, but plenty of post-Seattle alternavisms too, which may turn off heads expecting to be turned on. Live line-up promises to push more prog: drums, vocals and 8-string-bass/electric guitar divided up in unexpected and possibly physically improbable ways. It’s not quite Randy Holden, but maybe it’ll hold you ‘til he gets here.
Tue., May 18, 9 p.m., 2010


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