God bless ‘em, everyone who made the movie Gremlins way back in 1984. It’s the over-cranked, under-tasteful antidote to wholesome Christmas cheeseball flicks, and it eviscerates its own (fake-out!) Spielbergian suburban cheerfulness by becoming something like Aliens meets a Twisted Sister video. In fact, Gremlins was so gory—the roiling pool of birthing gremlins, the story about Santa in the Chimney, that beautiful brief moment with the microwave—that it helped force the invention of the PG-13 rating and so adorable that we think of it every time the Christmas decorations go up. You don’t often get to spell “classic” as “classick” when it comes to the holidays, but gross-out goofy Gremlins is the real deal. If only they were showing it...after midnight!
Wed., Dec. 14, 8 p.m., 2011


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