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Barack Obama is perhaps the first president-elect in American history to inspire clubland: Producers have made tribute tracks (Matt Flores’ “Now Is the Time”), remixers have sampled him (the Crystal Method’s “Vote ’08 Remix” of its own classic “Now Is the Time”), and DJs have made Obama-themed mixtapes (DJ Paul V.’s Obama Megamix). One spinner, however, was at the head of the conga line: mash-up king Z-Trip, who, along with HOPE poster artist/DJ Shepard Fairey, hosted a series of “Party for Change” events throughout the campaign season. “This election is way too important for anyone to not get involved,” the jock born Zach Sciacca stated. Now that the White House is changing hands, you can personally thank America’s eclectic DJ-in-chief for his campaign spin.
Wed., Nov. 26, 9 p.m., 2008


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