Go for Broke

Jimmy Kimmel put it best during Comedy Central’s 2007 roast of Flavor Flav, saying something to the effect of: “Greg Giraldo, you killed once again, and once again, it will lead to nothing.” Despite being on Comedy Central more than just about anyone other than Cartman or Jon Stewart, stand-up and Harvard Law graduate (!) Giraldo has yet to achieve that high-profile gig. The dude is funny—his trenchant barbs on the homeless and obesity were used in the 2004 “Underwear Goes Inside The Pants” single by Lazyboy. But his loss is our gain; a lack of sitcom deals and movie roles means that he still makes his money through touring, and can be seen at affordable gigs like this weekend’s at the Brea Improv.
Sun., Jan. 18, 7 p.m., 2009


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