Glorious Drunk

Ever wonder what punk rockers do when they grow up? It’s strange to imagine Sid Vicious working in a rehab center or Joey Ramone teaching music at a middle school ("You see, kids, three chords is all you need"). But the real world does actually snag some punks—for Chris Reece, former drummer for Social Distortion, his afterlife is running Pike Restaurant and Bar. This week, Glorious Drunk rocks Reece’s sailor-chic, remodeled '50s diner with an acoustic set while you chomp down on lobster tacos and drink a variety of craft beers. And no, Glorious Drunk isn’t your coworker who likes to play grab ass at company parties. They’re a kick-ass blues and country band from Long Beach who play drinking songs with such authority that you'll be forced to hoist your beer in the air and get absolutely annihilated. Happy Tuesday!
Tue., Sept. 20, 8:30 p.m., 2011


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