Girl Rising

The activist Grace Paley observed both economically and poetically that “the only recognizable feature of hope is action.” Seeing is indeed better than just believing in this new documentary, screening courtesy our local National Organization for Women chapter, about successful struggles for education and autonomy by nine young women from nine of the most oppressive places in the world you never want to be born into. With renewed attacks by religious patriarchs, anti-science goofs, all stripe of right-wing misogynists from Rush, the GOP, the Pope and Pakistan—where they actually shoot girls and women—Girl Rising responds with autobiographical profiles of brave girls in Haiti, Ethiopia, Cambodia and more. A moving and politically potent chorus of first-person retorts in word and deed to the women-haters. Watching is the least we can do, but maybe a step toward actually doing.
Sat., March 9, 1 p.m., 2013


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