Gal Musette

Gal Musette is somewhere in her early teens, but if ever somebody had an old soul, it’s her. Raised on the Magnetic Fields by an especially hip dad, San Clemente’s Gal has a preternatural sense for pop melody and the kind of voice that just demands an eventual creative partnership with Van Dyke Parks. (Inara George, Joanna’s a little list but a lovely one.) Last year, she scored some shows opening for the Fields themselves, with the bonus of an onstage intro from Neil Gaiman, who probably blows as many 14-year-old minds now as he always has. Her plan is to do the Fields one better and write 70 love songs—beating out the classic album 69 Love Songs—visit her at this show and see for yourself how close she’s getting.
Tue., June 4, 8 p.m., 2013


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