Flashback Jack

You don't have to be a music historian to know the impact of bands like Blondie, Sugarhill Gang or the Psychedelic Furs—here in Orange County, their music strikes a chord in the hearts of many locals who grew up on KROQ's alternative hit parade. This weekend, Jack FM presents their Flashback Jack concert, uniting these and other groups like Berlin, The Fixx and Adam Ant in a star-studded throwback, where a portion of the proceeds go to curing autism with TACA. A presence throughout the concert will be original KROQ DJ Richard Blade, one of the early purveyors of punk and new wave, who still carries on in his disc jockey booth through the ever-changing music scene. From the punk cred of Blondie to hip-hop trailblazers Sugarhill Gang, each band is a legend in their own right—and legends never die.
Sat., Sept. 21, 4:45 p.m., 2013


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