Femme Power

A relaxing and fun evening of candle making that will also include a reading from author and spiritual teacher Loretta Holton, who will provide autographed copies of her book, “The Journey of Expansion, A Mothers Journey from Loss to Eternal Love”. For a Palm or Tarot Card reading, Cynthia Britain of Laguna Beach will be in attendance. And well-loved massage therapist Jill Williams will provide a mini massage. Learn how to set your intentions to bring positive energy into your life by creating a candle that you can take home with you and light to send out your good intentions. Special guest, Dr. Jeanne Michele will be joining us to discuss the messages Mary Magdalene’s powerful reawakening holds for women and the world today at 6:30 pm. A light buffet will be served to all attendees and is included in the ticket price. Advance ticket purchase is $55, and $65 at the door if space allows.
Fri., Feb. 27, 5:30 p.m., 2009


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