Father Material Opening Reception

Three unique artists and their take on the patriarch: KEBE FOX What is Father Material? Where is Father Material? Who is Father Material? Kebe Fox poses and dissects these questions through his playful imagery, weaving symbols, animals, shapes and moods within three-dimensional environments. A materialist society breeding new consumers? Future celebrities? A profoundly unselfish act to accelerate maturity and curb narcissism? Fulfilling preconceived expectations or projecting unfulfilled ones? To appease or keep a mate? Tradition? STEPHEN ANDERSON Utilizing video, tee-shirts, mens ties, and collage, Stephen Anderson's take on "Father Material" is cynical, judgmental and humorous. Just watch "Cops" or "Jerry Springer" or the slew of reality TV shows to note that mankind is doomed. Becoming a father in the literal sense is far too easy, add to it modern fertility drugs and the flood of "erection" pills it's quite ironic to call it the "miracle" of birth. With the amount of child abuse and kids put up for adoption, living in foster homes or engaged in slavery it's crazy that people need a license to drive but anyone with a penis can become a father. RICHARD TOWLE What is "Father Material?" Or who is "Father Material?" An idealization of one's father often projected onto someone to whom one looks for guidance and protection. One who gives. One who gives life, love, sex, money or council. After you receive one, some or all of these gifts, the "Father Material" has but one question in his mind for you: "Who's your Daddy?" You are to be extra thankful because this was from your "Daddy." Who's your Daddy?
Sat., Feb. 6, 6 p.m., 2010


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