Episode 7

Tonight's cliffhanger revolves around Newport Beach's spoiled rich teens going to Tijuana to celebrate the last weekend before school starts, which is apparently a "tradition" in the 949. Their motto is "what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico," but as Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer head toward the border, we're treated to the latter couple squabbling like Fred and Ethyl. You've gotta hand it to series creator and writer of tonight's episode Josh Schwartz: he does great bicker. But, sadly, we end with Marissa, who's devastated upon hearing her parents are divorcing and her boyfriend Luke has been cheating on her, OD'ing in a TJ alley. Double sadly, we won't find out whether she's gone to that Great Nail Spa in the Sky for at least another five weeks, as Fox preempts its surprise summer hit for Major League Baseball's playoffs and World Series. Pundits claim the network is gambling mucho, as viewership for The O.C. has grown weekly, and it's now the top-rated show among teens. But Fox just ordered a full season of The O.C.and vows to promote it heavily during the playoffs. Play ball!

LINE OF THE WEEK: "Sweet! Do we have to pay extra for the pubes?" Summer, after running her finger across a filthy comforter in their flea-bag motel room.

IRONIC LINE OF THE WEEK: "Please, he hooks up with everyone: freshmen girls, girls from Mater Dei, girls from UCI." Holly, fresh from licking up Luke, breaking the news of his other infidelities to Marissa. Ashley Hartman, who plays Holly, came to The O.C. via Fox's American Idol, went to Santa Ana's Mater Dei High School.


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