Episode 3:

Yet another thing The O.C.gets right about Newport Beach is mommy hotness. We've been to the coffeehouses and shopping atriums and—despite the restraining orders—public parks, and let's face facts: Newport moms have got it going on! And when The O.C.'s Newport moms hold a charity Vegas night planning meeting, it's a virtual MILF convention. Kirsten Cohen, the unwilling surrogate mom of troubled Chino teen Ryan, looks much too young to have borne Seth, but next-door mom Julie Cooper—shown this week in a tight white belly shirt—is absolutely smokin.' Where The O.C.gets it wrong is with the dads. To be married to a Newport woman like this, he should look old enough to be her dad, his kid's grandfather and his kid's pet reptile's brother. LINE OF THE WEEK: "She talks about moving someplace small nearby," Ryan says of his alcoholic mom (not a MILF). "In the numbered streets."


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