Episode 2

Episode 2: Ryan, the trouble-finding teen fish out of Chino, is foster-care bound. His new Newport Beach buddy Seth Cohen--or "Queer" to thug Luke--is upset with his parents for letting Ryan go, telling his dad, "You force me to live among these pod people, and the first cool person I meet you kick out of the house." So Seth and Cohens' next-door neighbor Marissa--who obviously has the hots for Ryan, even though Luke is her boyfriend--sneak Ryan into an unfinished model home owned by Seth's developer mom Kirsten. "Model home" represents what Ryan, who was abandoned by his mom, has never known, and like every other home he's known it'll be destroyed in the end. The O.C. is soooo deep!

Line of the week: (in tortured white-boy rapper voice): "That freak from Chino; he was all up in Luke's grill . . . Run him out of Newport fo' sho'."

The O.C. Fox. Repeats 8 p.m. Mondays. New episodes 9 p.m. Tuesdays.


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