Episode 19

Four days after Valentine's Day, it's the big Valentine's Day show, so we get a steady dose of the Fox network's "Due to the sexual nature of this program . . ." warning--even though the actual episode is filled with more innuendo than carnal knowledge. When it comes to scoring, Seth and Summer lose their respective virginity to one another (twice!), and that dog Luke worms his way into Julie Cooper's hot spot. Yes, the Julie Cooper that's his ex-girlfriend Marissa's mom. Meanwhile, it's cold showers for Haley, who Julie's ex Jimmy rejects yet again, and Marissa, who Ryan will not forgive for the whole crazy Oliver thang. In fact, Ryan seems poised to re-hook up with his childhood flame Teresa, who sneaked into town to cater Kirsten's big Valentine's gala. You know, the one we're never invited to.

LOCAL REFERENCE OF THE WEEK: Swear to God, a quick exterior shot appeared as if it had actually been filmed in Newport. Or was that not Fascist Island popping out of the background as the camera pans the strand?

LINE OF THE WEEK: "I just swallowed a little bit of throw up." Seth after his dad Sandy extols the virtues of foreplay with, "The appetizer's as good as the main course."



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