Episode 15

Kirsten's leech of a sister Haley is cluttering up the TiVo with her E! shows and eating the Cohens out of house and manse, so Sandy, Seth and Ryan gang up on mom to kick the extended visitor out on her shapely ass. It is there, on the Cohen front porch, that Haley makes moves on ex-next-door neighbor Jimmy, who is creeped out as he's obviously still got a thing for his childhood sweetheart Kirsten. Meanwhile, Luke and Summer serve as unwanted fifth and sixth wheels to the oh-so-cutesy Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Anna couplings. But the biggest hanger-on of all is Oliver, whose dark side gets more exposure with each episode, as he not-so-secretly tries to woo Marissa with his family's superwealth. His power play this week comes in the form of getting the whole gang backstage passes to see Rooney--a.k.a. the Backstreet Beach Boys--at a club IN NEWPORT BEACH!?! It is here The O.C. proves its setting is a Bizarro World version of the real Newport, because there's no fucking way the Newport Beach Police Department would ever allow an all-ages, live music club serving alcohol to operate within its borders. Like homeless people, they dump that shit off at the Costa Mesa border.

LINE OF THE WEEK: "Hey, Luke, why don't you get your dad to help you with that flat tire? I'm sure he'd like to bend over." Unnamed guy student, mocking Luke over his gay dad and vandalized truck.

NEW WORD OF THE WEEK: Redonkulous.

HIP LOCAL REFERENCE OF THE WEEK: Modern Amusement logo on Seth's T-shirt.


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