Eight Days

THURS/May 26
Wanna see the Supersuckersand AgentOrangeat the MouseHouseofBlues?Or do you just wanna sing their songs with PunkRockKaraokeat Alex'sBar?Either way, it's gonna cost you $10 or $15—but at Alex's, I'm willing to bet there'll be fewer curb jobs. Those Agent Orange fans are freaking nuts. Alex'sBar,2913E.AnaheimSt.,LongBeach,(562)434-8292.9 p.m. $10. 21+; MouseHouseofBlues,1530S.DisneylandDr.,Anaheim,(714)778-2583.8 p.m. $15. All ages.

GalleryCaf'sEmergenSeeSessionsis back for its monthly ass-kicking. Head to the county's homiest, undergroundiest caf for DJs Pedestrianand Simonspinning Afrobeat, funk, house and grooves. Don't let the silly spelling fool you: this place is the happiest little wonderland for happy little do-it-yourselfers since HomeDepotstarted teaching us how to texture our paints. 9 p.m. No cover. SolArte,2202N.MainSt.,SantaAna,(714)926-4375.

How on earth are they going to fit thousands of PonchoSanchezfans inside Long Beach's wee BlueCaf?Come down and rub someone. 10 p.m. Call for covers. 21+. BlueCaf,210PromenadeN.,LongBeach,(562)983-7111;WWW.THEBLUECAFE.COM.

KingNeptune'sis about the worst place for Sunday brunch this side of TheoLacy(men's jail, y'all). It's dark, it's dank, it's windowless, and through its one door you can see the beautiful beach day going on without you. However! For LiquidBrunchwith GeorgeFryer?Saddle up to your BloodyMaryand ask for "Tequila Sunrise."Or don't, since TheEaglestotally blow. Instead, ask for some sugary sunshine pop, like the Monkees,or ask for one of Fryer's many, many odes to waitresses. (Fryer: better learn some Monkees, right quick.) Call for time. 21+. J.KingNeptune's,17115PacificCoastHwy.,SunsetBeach,(562)592-4878.

Have you read PhilipRoth'sThePlotAgainstAmericayet? I think you would like it.

Are you all sweet and crunchy? I love that about you. And the good folks at the CentroCulturaldeMexicodo too. You don't have to be of the Latino persuasion to come to the JuntadeVoluntarios(OpenDiscussionForum),where folks share ideas toward creating a better society. Instead, you could just be gay, or punk, or a member in good standing of the ACLU.All those goodly folk are totally welcome. Especially those gay punk ACLU members who are Latino. 7 p.m. $5 donation. CentroCulturaldeMexico,1522S.MainSt.,SantaAna,(714)953-9305.

Melbyjoins TwoIdiotsPeddlingPoetry,a.k.a. BenTriggand SteveRamirez,for a poetry night/CD release party. I used to see June Melby play washboards up in Venice all the time at various comedy open mics—a lot like a gentler JudyTenuta.She had really long, beautiful hair, and she was really pretty, and she had a really sweet winsomeness to her, and my comedian boyfriend used to laugh extra hard whenever she was onstage and then deny that he had any crush on her whatsoever. Whatever, June Melby. Sign up, 7:30 p.m.; reading, 8 p.m. $2. UglyMugCaffe,261N.GlassellSt.,Orange,(714)997-5610.

THURS/June 2
I know nothing of OCMonsterComedywith Kookyour host introducing top comedy and "Monster" drink specials all night, besides the fact that it is in Fountain Valley and has a host named "Kook." And for those reasons alone, you should go and enjoy some comedy. And some "monster" drink specials. Dude. 9 p.m. Two-drink minimum. Tortellini'sRestaurant,18633BrookhurstSt.,FountainValley,(714)963-7171.


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