Dudes Don Down Dockers!

I know the dudes don't always get the most attention in this space, but here's something finally interesting in the often-snoozy men's-fashion world: Alexander Wang, Patrik Evrell, Miller's Oath, Gant by Michael Batian, Riviera Club, Warriors of Radness and Dockers have teamed up to release a limited-edition collaborative capsule line.

Yes, yes, you read that right: Dockers. The pleated khakis mostly available at Mervyn's, Kohl's and other such fine retailers you can only remember as being frequented by members of your high-school faculty.

Owned by Levi Strauss & Co., Dockers was first introduced in 1986. It wasn't until recently that the company known for its business casual digs made the effort to appeal to a younger, more stylish (debatable) generation by doing away with the pleats and bringing in the narrow legs.

Last fall, hipster-prep label Steven Alan collaborated with Dockers, modernizing its aesthetic with tailored pants, perfectly rumpled button-ups and blazers, and checkered neckties. And now, six contemporary men's labels have been given the opportunity to team up with the classic name to keep the Dockers name going strong. The designers listed above were all finalists for GQ's 2011 Best New Menswear Designer in America award. While Wang won the grand boatload of prizes and prestige, the capsule collection will feature a little something from everyone—and all will be available at select Bloomingdale's locations (and online at Bloomingdales.com!).

Wang's contribution features some soft, $200 (it may be Dockers, but it's also still Wang), five-pocket, three-ply twill pants in a stonewashed gray. Patches in a near-identical color are featured on the legs. Wang also continued his T by Alexander Wang look with a soft crew-neck tee that has gone through an extended wash for extra, extra softness and a touch of fading. It's $75.

Another favorite, Warriors of Radness, features styles made for Orange County's coastal-community lifestyle (and not in a bad way)—as much as some style blogs like to deny it. It continues the departure from the traditional OC surf look that RVCA and other such labels began with the integration of art, music and culture—lifestyle—and not just surf and sport. The Warriors' stand-out piece is a bright-orange, windbreaker-like pullover jacket going for $175.

The contrasting, striped interior of Riviera Club's red chambray button-up shirt ($150) makes a nice touch when you roll up the sleeves. Headquartered in Santa Monica, Riviera Club is the second California-based label to receive the honor from GQ.


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