DJ Chuckie

Sutra once again ropes in some world-renowned talent for one of their weekday nightclubs—and for this Element Thursday session, Chuckie swings by to throw one of his infamous Dirty Dutch parties. Dirty Dutch is an electronic dance genre the DJ/musician conjured up on his own and sent around the globe—it's a combination of Latin-influenced rhythms layered under high-pitched synth hooks. And the King of Dirty Dutch has had more than a few royally badass moments recently—between kicking Miley Cyrus out of his VIP area for acting disrespectful (imagine that) to performing for the king and queen of the Netherlands to aspiring to become the global ambassador for Aruba, there's no telling what this wild man will do next. Come to Sutra tonight and find out.
Thu., May 29, 9 p.m., 2014


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