D.I.Y. Music & Fashion Festival

When we think of "D.I.Y.," we think of a folk goddess with a hot glue gun. Hip-hop artist Stevie Crooks, however, says that to him the acronym means as you grow up, you have learn how to wipe your own ass after taking a shit. Obviously, Do It Yourself means different things to different people, and to Noa James, emcee and founder of this week's festival (and a hypnotically poetic rapper, by the way), he sees it as bands from around the area working hard to promote themselves. So, the D.I.Y. Music & Fashion Festival was conceived, and now at the Glass House, 16 musical acts (everything from hip-hop to post-hardcore) and seven clothing/accessory lines pack the house to display their craft. How they're going to cram all that into five hours, we have no idea.
Fri., Sept. 9, 7 p.m., 2011


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