Daizy Lemonade Brings Sartorial Girl Power to Long Beach's Retro Row

Daizy Lemonade Brings Sartorial Girl Power to Long Beach's Retro Row

If you're in the market for an outfit that looks as if you borrowed it from Marcia Brady or Goldie Hawn circa Laugh-In, you're in luck; Daizy Lemonade sells plenty of clothing from that era and beyond. Originally an online store opened by Caylen Leigh in 2014, it grew to a physical boutique inside In Retrospect, an antique mall on Long Beach's Retro Row. A longtime thrifter, Leigh says she enjoys selling her clothes at an established vintage department store because "it [allows] me the freedom of having a physical place where all my customers could shop without me actually having to be there 24/7." That way, Leigh could focus on her side projects, among them styling for films, commercials and editorial work.

Not limited to simply '60s wardrobes, the Orange-born Leigh includes in Daizy Lemonade's collection whatever colorful clothing she's drawn to, including '60s mod and psychedelic, '70s funk, '80s new wave, kawaii, '90s grunge, and Y2K pop-star vibes. Her finds are funky, playful and eclectic—and, for vintage clothing, strikingly affordable. There's a wide variety of statement-y feminine pieces, such as miniskirts, babydoll dresses, bikinis, teddys, even classic peignoirs. Daizy Lemonade is a celebration of bold women's fashions throughout the decades, a visual exclamation of "Girl Power" through fashion.

The physical shop at In Retrospect is permanent, so stop by, rifle through the racks and check out the fun accessories and toys available. Leigh plans to expand her space and bring in more merchandise, and she's crossing her fingers to someday open a booth at the Orange Circle Antique Mall. "I would also like to decorate [my shop] more," she says, "so when my online customers come to the shop, they instantly know, 'Oh, that's Daizy Lemonade!'"

Daizy Lemonade, inside In Retrospect, 2122 E. Fourth St., Long Beach, (562) 433-6600. Follow Daizy Lemonade on Instagram: @shopdaizylemonade.


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