Criag Robinson

Here's a fun fact: before Craig Robinson played roles big and small in just about every comedy since 2005, he taught music at an elementary school in Chicago. There's our favorite, the almost-lovable murderous hitman in Pineapple Express; the adult film producer/coffee shop employee in Zack and Miri Make a Porno; the club doorman in Knocked Up, Darryl from The Office and about a million more decidedly awesome parts. But the man didn't give up his love for music completely—Robinson's band, The Nasty Delicious, makes TV appearances from time to time. This week, however, he gets to the root of things and brings his stand-up performance to the Improv—a talent that took him from singing nursery rhymes to first graders to a height of success and fame most comedians only dream about.
Nov. 25-27, 2011


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