Cory and Chad Invade the OC

It's double the punchlines tonight as Cory and Chad, a twin-brother standup comedy team, headline the Brea Improv. Two dudes with some pretty metal beards, Cory and Chad were raised just outside of East LA, the products of a mail-lady mama and a crazy-biker dad. The twins say that they attended an astonishing 14-plus schools while growing up—thus conditioning them to always bring their comic A-game to win people over and make friends. We bet that works with audiences, too. Head out to Brea to catch the duo (also known as the Smash Brothers) for wildly funny stories about their adolescent hijinks: switching classes, breaking up with each other's girlfriends (ha!) and much more. The family that performs standup together…
Wed., May 14, 8 p.m., 2014


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