Club Fashion

Jenn Renee, 26, Sunset Beach. Hair stylist at Huntington Beach's Salon Canvass.

Boots by Vita Mori. Dress by Xing. Hair and makeup by Salon Canvass.

"I first started going to clubs when I was 23. Until then, I was very mellow —a homebody. I worked, and I went to school. That was it. Then a friend invited me to go, so I quit my cocktail-waitress job—it was a horrible job—and went one night. I immediately loved it: the craziness, the extreme clothes or lack of clothes. I showed up in these shiny, black Capri pants, stone belt, wedge sandals and a halter top, and I thought I was pimp. I was nothing. Girls were wearing thongs and pasties. But I got into it right away and learned real quick."


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